It starts with One!


The Miami YFC Mentoring Program offers at-risk youth the chance to develop a meaningful relationship with one or more caring adults who become friends, role models, life coaches, and advocates that will help them successfully transition from risk filled backgrounds to the adult world of work and good citizenship.


A Miami YFC Mentor is a caring, responsible, Christian adult volunteer who serves as a trusted friend, support, and guide to a vulnerable youth in their community for a period of at least one year.  A Mentor builds a relationship based on trust and acceptance with their mentee, which provides a foundation for positive mental, spiritual, emotional, and physical growth. One of the most powerful aspects about mentoring is that the mentee has an adult who believes in them and is focused completely on helping them reach their God-given potential. We don’t know the extent of each person’s potential, it is something that needs to be discovered. Therefore, the role of the mentor is to help the youth explore their gifts and talents so that they will take the risks and make the sacrifices necessary to find the path God has for them.


The YFC Mentoring Program has a selective process of recruiting Mentors. In order to successfully run a mentoring program, the need for volunteers is essential. Having a broad pool of Mentor volunteers that offer diverse social, cultural, and ethnic groups allows for better matching to meet the needs of the community. Studies have shown that if a Mentor quits prematurely it can do more harm than good in the mentor relationship, therefore it is of utmost importance that Mentors understand the commitment required when mentoring youth. However, you won’t be alone. We will be with you each step of the way!


Effective Support
We not only take care in choosing the right mentor for the right youth, we support the mentor, youth and family throughout the mentoring relationship. The Miami YFC mentoring team is available for advice, training and resources to help the mentee, mentor and family enjoy and develop during the relationship.

Mentor Training    
The Miami YFC Mentor Program is unique in that it equips and empower mentors to build trusting relationships with youth. This training educates volunteers on the best practices of mentoring and covers how we can provide the support needed for successful mentoring relationships.


Mentor one-on-one or in group sessions through one of our YFC outreach programs (City Life KIX, Campus Life, Catalyst, Train University, and Juvenile Justice). There is also the opportunity to mentor in a local residential facility and transitional agency, by providing support to probation youth as they re-enter back into the community.

Process of becoming a Mentor:

• Submit written application
• Participate in a personal interview with the Mentor Supervisor
• Agree to a background check
• Attend a new mentor training/orientation session
• Become matched

Responsibilities to Mentee and Miami Youth for Christ:

• Commit to a one-year mentoring relationship with Mentee
• Spend time with Mentee for a minimum of eight hours per month
• Communicate with Mentoring Coach monthly and willingly receive and implement advice
• Honor all commitments made to Mentee
• Be a positive role model by demonstrating a faith-filled Christian life
• Establish appropriate boundaries with Mentee and his/her family as described in the Mentor Orientation
• Seek to help mentee reach his/her God-given potential through encouragement and support
• Build a relationship with Mentee based on trust and respect
• Abide by all of the Mentor Responsibilities and Guidelines listed in the Mentor Orientation
• Participate in one additional training session or Mentor support group each year

Mentor Qualifications: 

• Be least 21 years of age
• Live in the vicinity of Miami-Dade County for last 6 months
• Be actively involved in a church for a minimum of one year
• Have a desire to build a genuine and caring relationship with a child
• Have the physical and emotional health to provide a consistent, caring relationship
• Have a valid Driver’s License, access to an automobile and auto insurance

Volunteers are not suitable for mentoring if they:
• Have been cited for driving under the Influence (DUI) in the last 5 years
• Have been involved in a crime against a vulnerable person (child, disabled adult)
• Those with any other past criminal record should speak with the mentoring team
• Cannot complete their mentoring commitment

It’s Time to Rise Up! 

Miami YFC is ready to empower individuals, churches and organizations to be effective mentors in their community. There are so many ways to get involved! Be a part of the catalyst needed for change to occur in our communities!

Please contact for more information on how you, your church, or organization can get involved!